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Easy control over an integrated platform for your telecommunications traffic management: that’s what Sedeco Inc offers through efficient support on a cloud. You can control landlines, cellphones and Internet traffic by producing simple reports, complete with diagrams and statistics. Available everywhere and on any device, you will save a lot of money according to your actual consumption and use, eliminating additional costs. The platform can be adapted to any network infrastructure, whether small, medium-sized or large. Sedeco Inc, a telecom specialist for over 20 years, will guide you through the reorganization of your network infrastructure to get the most out of it and eliminate additional costs.

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Habble recording analysis, reporting

Habble web cloud platform can be used by an unlimited number of users at the same time, from any business function, without the need of specific technical knowledge. In particular, Habble is a tool that simplifies and optimizes the decision making activities of the General Management, Administration & Control IT, Purchasing department, Marketing & Sales: and anybody involved in using telecommunication and accountable for the related expenses and effectiveness.

For directors of sourcing

With Habble you know in real time the traffic volume and the actual data for each phone, inbound and outbound, highlighting the costs. In this way, with a simple click you can control the budget, establishing the possible deviation between the pre-set spending and consumption made by each department in time. Moreover, there are statistics about calls more expensive and more numbers called, as well as customers and suppliers who call for more or that do not call for more time: all useful parameters to assess the company procedures and the type of activity performed by the company with its stakeholders.
Habble is the ideal tool in the process of renegotiating contracts with operators to get the exact picture of the habits of use of telephony services in the company.

For directors of ICT

The platform provides a real-time collection of data and statistics organized into graphs and reports in support of the IT department. In particular, Habble is useful to improve the quality of communication between departments and multi-site and to determine the correct sizing telephone infrastructure.
It allows you to monitor the quality of telecommunication services in the short and long term, vs. what the telephone operators commit contractually. And it can analyze the number of business phone lines used simultaneously, in order to right size the infrastructure. In addition, the customized, automated system alerts & real-time report system make it possible to identify technical failures readily, and eliminates all extra-phone costs related to fraud, incorrect billings, malfunction of services and roaming devices traffic.

For directors of sales and marketing

Habble supports businesses, advertising campaigns and telemarketing, being able to monitor real-time and represent a map of the origin and volume of calls received and made, allowing, thus, to understand the success of marketing efforts. Detailed analysis of the calls, with information about the average duration and the average waiting time of the same, is a valid indicator to measure the interaction with the Customers, perfect complement to other types of Customer Relationship Management tools.

For directors of finance and control

Habble is a useful tool for financial and control management in real time to check the cost of all business communications, establishing and highlighting the consumption carried out by the various departments, assessing the respect of the company policies on telecommunication device utilization, and monitor the quality of services provided outwards.
The Control manager also has the opportunity to automate the process of telephone bill analysis and expense management by cost centre, thus reducing labour time and costs for this activity.

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